Please don’t demonize psych meds

by nikol0702

I’m really tired of people saying stuff like “I don’t believe in medications, it’s all about Big Pharma wanting money and doctor’s getting kickbacks. You shouldn’t take any meds! Power through it! The human body wasn’t designed to exist on chemicals!”

You know what else the human body wasn’t designed to do? It wasn’t designed to function on chronically low serotonin and dopamine levels. It wasn’t designed to be in a constant state of depression, anxiety, or emotional fluctuation. Being bipolar or depressed or manic or obsessive-compulsive are chemical imbalances that cannot always be cured through the use of diet and exercise alone. 

I believe that in this case, and in many cases, you cannot demonize something when you have never had a cause to experience it. If you have never been in a place where a pill, one single little pill, can be the difference between sobbing in your bed all day, every day, and keeping a job and a home, then you cannot be a judge of whether this pill is acceptable or not.

Even if medication doesn’t help you, it can be very helpful to some other people.