My scars /rant/

by nikol0702

I’m sick of being expected to be ashamed and cover my scars. Fuck off, I’ve spent more than enough time being ashamed of my damn scars and my body and I don’t give a flying fuck if my damn body makes you uncomfortable, I’m not hiding it so you can pretend people don’t do this to themselves and be all fine and dandy pretending everyone is fine and dandy. My scars and my issues are right fucking there for you to see and I don’t give a fuck how uncomfortable it makes you.

I don’t want pity or for you to say anything, I just want to be looked at the same way you look at every other damn person and without judgement. I just don’t want you to expect me to be ashamed of a part of my body I can’t help but have for a strangers benefit. I’m not gonna wear pants to the fucking beach just because you don’t want to see my scars and face that reality. I’m not gonna hide my arms and wear cardigans for the rest of my life.

I don’t CARE about my scars anymore for fucks sake and I just wish other people didn’t. You don’t have to grab my arm and tell me “you don’t have to do that” about fucking 2 year old scars, I forgot about them, its not like I’m trying to wave my scars in your face so you can pity me. I’ve just given up caring and hiding them and you need to stop expecting me to hide them and be ashamed of them and assuming that they are only out because I’m fucking fishing for pity or sympathy. 

SO STOP EXPECTING ME TO BE ASHAMED OF THEM OR HIDE THEM. Its not like you’re the one who fucking has them. I’ve spent years hiding them but everyone can fuck off. Get used to them, because I have and I’m the one who has to wear them forever.