My views on feminism

by nikol0702

I do call myself a feminist, but I don’t associate myself with the feminists on tumblr, the reason being that they fucking enrage me but that’s beside the point.

I’ll cover my views on a few basic topics.

Men as a population:

It is completely irrational to hate men as a population (with very very few exceptions). Just because ONE man has hurt you does not mean the entire male populous are evil horndogs who just want to fuck you. I have been sexually assaulted. I have been harassed on the streets by men that are obviously much older than me. Men have done horrible things to me. But I find it impossible to hate all men.

To automatically judge a male because he has a penis is the exact same as judging a woman purely because she has a vagina – it is sexist. And for feminists to constantly bash and berate males simply for existing is no better than what men have been doing to women.

On female oppression:

All women are “oppressed” to a certain degree, but in first world countries, it’s very slight. Being honked at while walking down the sidewalk is not oppression. A man negatively commenting on your appearance is not oppression. Oppression is when women are not allowed to drive; when they must cover their bodies complete to be seen as appropriate; when women aren’t allowed to hold office or even have a job; when women cannot divorce their abusive older husband; when women cannot fully participate in society, that is oppression.

On rape culture and slut shaming:

I do believe women have a right to be proud of their body, but I also believe that you need to be dressing appropriately for the occasion, as yes, society has expectations and standards that may differ from yours. Don’t cry out “slut shamer!!!!” when you wear a bandeu top and cut off jean shorts to school and they send you home.

Men are not the only people able to rape, and women are not the only possible victims. Men can rape men, women can rape women, and yes, women can rape men. To marginalize someone’s horrific experience of rape solely based on their gender is ignorant and disgusting.

Many feminists act like men are naturally programmed to rape, which is the most absurd thing I’ve heard. Women can be just as malicious and ‘horny’ as males. Popular culture, frankly, sheds a positive light on women, portraying them as innocent. If a woman claims a man raped her, everyone will band up behind her, even if there is no proof that it ever happened.

Will add to this later.

tl;dr tumblr feminists are crazy as fuck