Why I smoke

by nikol0702

I am a smoker, and I thought it’d be fun to answer the issues most people raise against smoking.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to encourage smoking or tell people that smoking is good or healthy. I’m simply giving my reasons for smoking despite the common arguments people use against me, because I’m tired of people always saying these things to me. 

“You only smoke because it’s fun and you think it looks cool! Smoking never helps you with any problems you may be having”

Smoking is not fun, I don’t know who ever said that, because it’s not. It’s a coping mechanism for most people. For me; it’s a replacement for cutting myself. I also suffer from terrible anxiety and smoking gives me the illusion that I am relaxing. So it really does help me in certain situations.

“Smoking is going to give you cancer and kill you!”

So far as I can tell, I’m going to die anyway, and cancer does not usually strike fast. I haven’t been smoking long enough to gain any real health issues, and I don’t know if I am going to stop or not, but considering I have gone cold turkey before – I see no reason to panic over these issues. And like I said, for me smoking is a replacement for even more harmful things. I’m sure you’d rather I get cancer 50 years from now and die slowly than me cut an artery and bleed to death instantly at the age of 17. 

“Smoking smells bad to people who don’t smoke. It’s unfair to everyone else who has to smell your smoke. And second-hand smoking isn’t good for your health either. You are hurting other people!”

I try to make sure that I don’t smell of smoke, I chew gum or have a mint when I am finished smoking and I always smoke outside so the smoke doesn’t get on my clothes. You can also buy really good fabric cleaners to get rid of the smell, as well as special shampoo. At bus stops and public places, I stand away from others and away from the wind, so my smoke doesn’t blow towards them or near them. I am quite considerate. I do agree that smokers should be considerate of those around them.

“Once you start, you can’t stop! Smoking is highly addictive and you can get addicted very easily. You will want to smoke all the time!”

Untrue. I have gone cold turkey myself, for over a year. The only reason I started smoking again was because I was going through a rough time. A friend of mine quit smoking one afternoon a year ago, cold turkey and has never looked back. Some people can kick it, the key is actually wanting to, or having a goal too. It’s not as addicting as some people say it is. For some people, it’s the action you are addicted too (although the substance is highly addictive in large amounts). I myself enjoy the relaxation it gives, going outside during lunch to be alone for a few minutes with a cigarette is the only thing I look forward to during the school day. 

“The ingredients in cigarettes are really bad! Do you know what you are smoking? Do you know what you are purposely putting into your lungs?”

Of course I know what I am smoking, I read the label the first time. Do you know what you eat in your food? People know, but they still eat it. Do people know what they rub on their skin when they are using some make up? Yes, but they still do it.

I do agree that smoking is bad for your health, but for me and some of the smokers I know, it’s different.