First post

by nikol0702

I’ve decided that I’m going to switch to wordpress to use as my ‘personal’ blog. Tumblr wasn’t working out because of the triggering posts and the amount of people glamorizing depression, self harm, etc was angering me. So I decided that tumblr was not the best site to have a blog centered around mental illness so I deleted my personal tumblr blog.  

I wont be posting much about things currently going on in my life, but more about the things going on in my head. So in short this blog will pretty much just be me complaining about stuff. 

To the people reading this, if anybody really is, then I guess I’ll introduce myself a bit. 

My name is Nicole and I’m a seventeen year old girl living in Pennsylvania. I like anime & manga, video games, plushies, and cats. I’m very immature and childish, and one of my biggest fears is getting older.

I’ve had an anxiety problem my whole life, and because of that I hate leaving my house and socializing. I was in online school for 4 years but started going to school again this year, which is a lot on me and my main source of anxiety at the moment, so expect a lot of rants about school and anxiety on here.

I also struggle with other mental illnesses besides anxiety, so this blog may be very negative most of the time. After all this is my personal blog and I will post whatever I want because I need a place where I can get things off my chest.